Student Assistance Program


Student Assistance Programs (SAP) have been established in schools throughout Pennsylvania with the cooperative support of the Pennsylvania Department of Education, Health and Welfare. These programs provide schools with the means to identify and refer students who are believed to be "at-risk" for developing problems such as, but not limited to, substance abuse or depression. Schools with Student Assistance Programs have a trained team of school personnel available to assist the student and family in identifying problems that impact on the student's ability to function in school, and to offer assistance in alleviating these problems.


The purpose of the SAP assessment is to determine if the student has a problem or barrier to learning, and, if so, could be done to help alleviate it. The SAP assessment consists of two or more confidential interviews with the assessor, and is free of charge to any student referred by a school SAP team. Both the student and their parent(s)/guardian will be interviewed in order to gather information concerning the student's past and current functioning. The data gathered by the school SAP team is also used to aid in the assessor's understanding of the student.

The assessment is provided through The Council of Southeast Pennsylvania's Student Assistance Program, which is the central referral point for all participating SAP teams in Bucks County. The assessors are clinicians with training and experience in the areas of substance abuse, adolescence, education, and mental health.

At the conclusion of the assessment the assessor will provide the student and parent/guardian with recommendations and an appropriate referral for further treatment, if necessary. Insurance or ability to pay for treatment will be taken into consideration. A referral can be made to any one of a number of community agencies, professionals, support groups, or in-school resources.

There is NO CHARGE or FEE for this assessment as long as the child has gone through the School District's Student Assistance Program Process

Our Student Assistance Team (comprised of teachers, counselors, our school nurse, administrators and other professionals) meets regularly to discuss individual student's needs and recommends strategies to improve the student's overall well-being.  If you are concerned about a particular student who may require assistance from our team, you may fill out the attached form.  We will evaluate the situation and make recommendations for that student.

Please fill out this form:  SAP Referral Form

Thank you for supporting our program and our students!  If you have any questions regarding this program, please contact one of our SAP team members listed below.

SAP Team Coordinators for PHS (emails linked below):

Chris Hastie
Lauren Rood
Guidance Department