Board and Committee Meeting Schedule

For a complete listing of all subcommittee meeting dates/times - please see the attached document: 
2023-2024 Board Committee Meeting Schedule

For meeting minutes and agendas, please use Board Docs; search by date of the meeting for the information you need.  Please use this link for Board Docs Agendas and Meeting Minutes

Extracurricular Committee:  6:30PM on the fourth Wednesday as scheduled at PHS Library .  CHAIRPERSON:  Silvia LeBlanc (Brian Gilbert & Rich Spering)

Education Programs and Services Committee:  6:30PM on the second Wednesday of each month at PHS Library. 
CHAIRPERSON:  Scott Freeman (Dr. Michael Donnelly)

Buildings and Grounds Committee:  7:00PM on the fourth Wednesday of each month  at PHS Library.  CHAIRPERSON:  Dr. James Ott (Al Crouthamel)

Fiscal Oversight Committee:  9:00AM in the District Office or 6:00PM in the PHS Library - see calendar for schedule. 
CHAIRPERSON:  Saul Ramos (Lorie Olexson)

Policy Committee:  5:30PM on scheduled dates at PHS Library.
CHAIRPERSON: Silvia LeBlanc (Rich Heffernan)

Joint Operating Committee:  7:00PM on the third Thursday of every month at Upper Bucks County VoTech School. 

Bucks County Intermediate Unit Board Meetings: 7:00PM as scheduled at BCIU #21