How are investigations into possible student disciplinary infractions handled at the building level?

A report (either verbal or in writing) is made by a student, staff member or parent to a building administrator or other staff member, alleging that a student has violated school board policy/or the school discipline code.
The school administrator initiates an investigation based on the report which includes the following actions as applicable and not necessarily in this order:

  • interviewing the student - what happened (specific details), when did the event happen (timeliness of report), where did the event happen, who else was involved, were witnesses present?
  • interviewing any adult or student witnesses to the event and taking statements if appropriate
  • conducting a search (see policy #226 ) if reasonable suspicion exists to justify such a search
  • determination as to whether enough evidence exists to issue a disciplinary consequence within the guidelines established in the Student Code of Conduct
  • issuance of consequences and communication with parent/guardian

The investigation conducted by school administrators is not a criminal investigation. The goal of a school investigation is to ensure the safety of students and staff, determine whether a school policy has been violated, and issue appropriate school-based consequences.

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